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My client is preparing an HCP website that will include brand promotion as well as offer samples. The site will be 'gated' which will involve a landing page that asks the viewer if they are a Canadian physician and require that they input their license number. Does the website require a validation process to ensure that the license numbers and the physician name are accurate? Could the 'validation' be limited to ensuring that the correct number of digits/letters are input (as opposed to confirming that those numbers match to a licensed physician). I look forward to your feedback. Thank you! LC


Do OTC product materials require PAAB review? Does this change if they are rep delivered materials vs online (or other multi-channel mediums not driven by sales resp)?


Dear PAAB, The Product Monograph of one of our products has been updated with a new indication. We want to send a message to physicians informing them that the PM for AAA product has been updated with the results of BB study. Since there is no claim/indication in this message, our understanding is that this message is PAAB-exempt. Can you please confirm? Thank you.

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For messaging on formulary coverage, in accordance with the PAAB Advisory March 2019, while it is PAAB exempt to state "Drug X: Now on ODB Formulary", can a manufacturer also provide the HCP (along with the PAAB exempt message that the Drug X is on ODB Formulary), a link to the listing criteria on the "ODB Formulary" associated with that particular Drug X?


Would it be acceptable to use an image in a patient support material (PSP) if the same image is being used in healthcare professional branded material? The product only has one indication and PSP material would specifically be distributed to patients prescribed the product for the approved indication.

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Hello, We would like to know if PAAB would accept the following tool: A desk-calendar for HCPs to use as a counselling tool for when they are scheduling the next dose of a vaccine. It would also feature facts about the disease and best practice tips. Thank you.

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We're developing a pull-up banner and the amount of Fair Balance is not allowing for space for the message. Could we apply the principles allowed for journal ads? Specifically, have medium fair balance on the pull-up banner and direct the reader to a handout adjacent to the panel with the full fair balance?

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Hello, If we want to do a video about the Mode of action of a drug, apart from the PM, what other references can we use?

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In a company sponsored presentation, can a physician talk about off-label for another drug (not the sponsors drug) e.g. "In my practice I use Drug X to treat nausea", but Drug X is not indicated for nausea.

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Is it voluntary to get promotional materials approved and simply acts as a benefit to the product or is it this process mandatory?

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