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If a representative during a social meal mentions to an HCP a reference to a slide that was viewed at another meeting to HCP's with regards to utilization rates of a genericized molecule, is this considered a violation?

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Can ongoing studies for a group of products (same therapeutic category) be discussed in a Corporate APS, or must this be done in individual branded APS? For example, a company has a portfolio of diabetes drugs that with ongoing research into weight loss indications, and would like to produce a single piece discussing all trials.

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We have an online newsletter where we post healthcare-related information, as well as society news pertaining to our association. Our member and supporter base primarily consists of hospital pharmacists as well as a small number of architects, students, and pharmaceutical companies. We can set-up advertising on the site to require a login to limit access by the general public. My concern is with the students who are not yet healthcare professionals, the pharmaceutical organizations, and the small number of architect members. Would their exposure to pharmaceutical advertising go against PAAB standards, even if we include a disclaimer that the advertisements are meant for healthcare professionals only? When we used to have a print journal that contained advertising for pharmaceutical products, the same individuals would have received copies of it. To my knowledge, this was not an issue in the past. However, we would appreciate some guidance to ensure we are being PAAB compliant, as online advertising is new to our association. Thank you kindly. 

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Can patient survey data from CADTH be used for an unbranded tool on current patient experience and behaviour?

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For Help-Seeking Announcements, the Distinction Between Advertising and Other Activities states "there is no implication that a drug is the sole treatment available". Does this mean no implication for a single brand within the context of available drug treatments, or no implication for drug treatment over non-drug treatment?

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For a product with two different administration formats (eg. syringe and pen), is it permissible to only advertise one format in APS (with no mention of the other device)?

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If Product-A is a combination of Drug-B and Drug-C, can the mechanism of action information from the Drug-B and Drug-C Product Monographs be used in Product-A advertising? The Product Monographs for combination products usually contain less information regarding their components (for brevity), however mechanisms of action should be identical regardless of formulation.

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Hi, For the balance copy requiring a direct link to the Product Monograph - the guidelines state that a link to the Health Canada database along with DIN number would work in lieu of a corporate URL. If going this route, is it sufficient to say: "Search the Health Canada Drug Product Database and search DIN XXX for...." OR must the database URL be written out? It is quite long: ( Much thanks!

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Can sales representatives provide information on a drug's reimbursement criteria in response to a question from a HCP if the reimbursement criteria are not aligned with the TMA. For example, the approved Health Canada indication is for use as 2nd line therapy but the drug is only reimbursed for use in 3rd line. Could the sales representative respond to the question and provide information on reimbursement if not aligned with the TMA. Thank you.

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Can a non promotional website that is not subject to review and is only available to verified Canadian HCPs link to a post-gate landing page for a PAAB approved branded website?

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