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We have enhanced the Ask PAAB section to make it more user-friendly due to the growing number of questions. You can now select a category of interest from the drop down menu above to view existing question and answers or you can also do a search for questions that have been submitted to Ask PAAB since the beginning.

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The ASC's bulletin in April 2015 indicates that the statement "Product X is authorized for sale by Health Canada" is consistent with the Food and Drug Regulations and acceptable for use. Previous Ask PAAB questions 108 and 347 also address this issue and section C.01.007. We note that Health Canada's Consumer Advertising Guidelines for Marketed Health Products has precluded the use of statements that suggest authorization by Health Canada, and has not been updated since the ASC's bulletin. Can you please provide PAAB's position on the use of the statement above and also whether the use of "approved by Health Canada" or similar statements is acceptable?

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Can you advise on PAAB's role/interpretation of 'drug delivery system' advertising? Examples wold be prescription drug inhalers, injectors, etc. Would advertisements focused solely on the delivery system/technology be exempt from PAAB (perhaps as a medical device), or seen as an extension of drug advertising (and reviewed in the same manner)?

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We are experienced in submitting DTCI campaigns through regulatory. In these cases, the focus is on the disease and when mentioning drugs, we discuss all treatments indicated for that disease (because there cannot be undue emphasis on any one drug). However, we wish to know about the DTCA of vaccines. For example, are we allowed to talk about the indication/side effects/dosing, etc for one vaccine specifically without mentioning the other vaccines indicated for the prevention of the same disease? In this case, it'll have the "undue emphasis" which is not permissible for schedule F drugs.

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As a follow-up to Question 299, we would like to ask if it is acceptable to still post such a video on YouTube but make it an unlisted video.... only found when pharmacist's share the URL with a patient who need to learn how to use the product . Thank you for your help !

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I would appreciation clarification of Section 6.6 of the code related to patient information direct from and consistent with the Product Monograph in combination with gating requirements. If a video is created that walks a patient through how to administer the injection as per part III, does not mention what the product is used for, and that video is posted (with no gating) on the company's website right below the product monograph for that product (as you know companies typically have a page on their company site with all their product monographs posted) 1) that video exempt from PAAB review and 2) Can the video be left ungated in this situation (i.e. Does proximity to the monograph pose an issue)? Thank you.

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Hi, would a product announcement with: the name of the product, "now available in Canada", and package shot (with no visible therapeutic claims) be considered paab exempt? if the product came in multiple pill sizes, can a shot of the pills with their sizes be allowable as the product shot?

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If the safety information for 2 products is almost identical (the molecule being the same in both products), can we merge the two fair balances and indicate which safety information is for both products and which safety information is for only one of the products?

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On a STI sample card the Brand name is included along with images of the product. Does this need to be PAAB approved or is it exempt (i.e. no claims are included, no indication statement just product name). Thanks

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Since DTC advertising is not allowed for products that treat or prevent schedule A diseases, I was wondering whether a product that managers a symptom of a schedule A disease (example: hypoglycemic reactions in diabetes) would have the same restriction?


We will be running a webinar from our HCP website. The webinar will be delivered by an internal medical expert. The webinar content will be on-label and pre-cleared. HCPs will need to register for the webinar on the "events" section of our gated HCP website. This section would only contain a list of upcoming webinar events. The description for the webinar would include; title, date, time location and a basic bio of the speaker. If the webinar title does not include mention of any specific products and the remaining info is purely factual details about the event date, time & speaker credentials, does this content need to be pre-cleared by PAAB?

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