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We have enhanced the Ask PAAB section to make it more user-friendly due to the growing number of questions. You can now select a category of interest from the drop down menu above to view existing question and answers or you can also do a search for questions that have been submitted to Ask PAAB since the beginning.

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We are sending an announcement to HCPs informing them that a product is now covered on the provincial formulary and providing the the reimbursement criteria. My questions are: Are we required to include the reimbursement criteria? What level of fair balance is required?

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Commercial employee asked a presenter AFTER presentation at a scientific conference why DRUG X has not been included in his presentation. DRUG X has not yet been approved by Health Canada but belongs to the employee's company pipeline. DRUG X efficacy/safety properties have not been discussed. Does this interaction constitutes off label promotion?

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Is it possible to produce a teaser ad for a product? Does this ad need to be disease oriented "Something new in X disease area coming soon" or can a brand name be attached to it such as "Brand X coming soon"? Lastly, does this require PAAB review? Thanks you for your guidance.

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I am wondering if we are able to create stickers for our material to indicate that we have formulary however I would like to keep it simple and say something like "Now on formulary (special authorization) in your province" or " this province" without specifying the province itself. We would of course only place these stickers on tools where the province has received formulary and we would of course provide PAAB with an FYI as to what tools and where we would be placing the stickers. Is this doable?

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We would like to ask PAAB regarding the interchangeability of the term “starter pack” used to identify a traditional sample pack. Certain products have starter packs specifically designed to initiate patients on treatment and help avoid dosing errors and contain patient educational materials. Our question is whether it is possible to refer to a simple sample pack as a “starter pack” when it is not specifically designed as a starter pack and is not mentioned in the TMA?

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Good morning, Can we disclose the name of the company behind an unbranded website, when such is being asked in a specific tweet? Thanks in advance

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Section 3(1) of the Food/Drugs Act implies DTC-A is prohibited for products treating Schedule A diseases. Yet, there seems to be many approved DTC-A campaigns for STDs, Arthritis, etc. How is Section 3(1) being implemented in PAAB practice?

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Can you please clarify why product MOA can only come from the TMA, and not published, peer-reviewed in vitro studies? MOA is frequently characterized post-NOC, particularly for products where ‘the exact mechanism of action is unknown’.

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What is the status of advertising of Schedule II drugs (non-Pr but behind the counter) to the general public? Beyond name, price, quantity?

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How long does PAAB approval on DTC last? 1 year or 2 years?

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