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Hi Patrick, my question is regarding the use of an economic impact study and doing a slide deck around it. Is this not PAAB exempt given that this is not about clinicals but cost savings?

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To whom it may concern, I am looking for some clarification regarding the definition of a “therapeutic message” per section 6.6 (iv) of the code regarding exemptions: “Use of drug name only in a context not linked to therapeutic or promotional messages, other than those listed in any way.”

Specifically, we would like to send a fax to pharmacists announcing the approval/availability of a new medication along with details required for their ordering systems (i.e. product code, D.I.N., etc.) Can we simply say the name + the type of medication + disease state? For example: Product X, an SSRI for treating depression, is now available in Canada? This doesn’t link to HOW X treats depression or what an SSRI does...

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What types of claims (if any) are acceptable in email subject lines directed to HCPs?

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Is it permissible to present efficacy results from real patient cases (provided the cases are anonymous and align with the TMA)?

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Can unbranded patient materials (covering disease state) have a look & feel/creative that is consistent with a DTC campaign?

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Is DTC advertising (i.e. patient support website, journal ads, and waiting room brochures) allowed for a schedule D biologic that is not used to treat or cure a schedule A disease?


Hi Patrick, We are planning a card that is for patients to carry with them, showing that they have been prescribed product X, which dose, physician contact info, etc (basically a wallet card). We are also preparing a stand for these cards that would sit in the physician's office. Each time they prescribe a patient product X, they grab a card from the stand and fill it out with the patient. The objective of the card is to instruct patients they need to show this card to other HCPs, to ensure these HCPs do not co-administer certain products with product X. Our question: can the card be submitted as patient-directed and the holder as physician-directed, as the holder will never leave the physician's office? The holder really is meant as instruction for the physician. Thank you.

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Dear PAAB. Can information from Section I and II be used in patient information? Secondly, how does PAAB define something as "promotional" versus factual information for patient information? Thank you.


Hi sir. What are the guidelines and regulations for advertising an OTC drug and please can you provide the links?


I'm working in a branded patient-information brochure that includes disease information and dosing. All the content is consistent with part III of the TMA. Does this piece require fair balancing copy? If so, what information is required in the fair balance for patient pieces?

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