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We have enhanced the Ask PAAB section to make it more user-friendly due to the growing number of questions. You can now select a category of interest from the drop down menu above to view existing question and answers or you can also do a search for questions that have been submitted to Ask PAAB since the beginning.

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Hello, If we are temporarily suspending a website while we update the contact (as the website's current content is set to expire), do we need to PAAB this temporary page? Or since there is not claims and no other pages can be accessed this step is unnecessary? Thanks

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Can HCP advertising and Patient advertising (not consumer) feature the same campaign visual, design and statement, with the understanding that the information within the campaign is in context for each audience. (Patient information driven from Part III of the PM)?


Can we present two different brands, (which are two different therapeutic areas) in one APS (i.e. in a LB) as long as the indication and balancing info is presented for both brands?

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A pharma company wishes to produce an Unbranded video that will be used by reps for a call with HCPs. The video will feature a patient campaign that has already been approved by PAAB. There are no claims being made in the video, and it just provides an emotional story behind the campaign. Would this be considered PAAB exempt? 

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Could you clarify a few points for us: 1 - Is a product indication (verbatim from the product monograph) seen as a claim by PAAB? 2 - If a detail piece, journal ad etc., contains only branding colours, brand name and product indication, does PAAB need to review this or is it exempt? 3 - Per question 2 above, if the piece also contains imagery related to the indication, does that change the PAAB review requirement? Thanks for the clarification.

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I have read the HC Policy 'Distinction between advertising...' for Press Release (PR). However I see many PR online that go beyond simply stating name and therapeutic area. Many PR mention efficacy and safety data. Am I misinterpreting the HC policy or can we in fact speak to the degree of efficacy and safety in a PR?

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We have a study we would like to use to support a claim in a new tool. In this study “DRUG B” is used as an add-on to our product, whereas in our product monograph our indication is stated as an add-on to “DRUG B”. Would this be an issue?

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Would a DTC website directing consumers to speak to a healthcare professional about a medical condition be considered a help-seeking announcement or a consumer brochure? The content would not direct consumers to discuss treatment, only the medical condition in general.

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Question #242 discusses a Help-Seeking Announcement linking through to a Consumer Brochure with regard to disclosing the sponsor. Would the opposite be equally acceptable (Consumer Brochure linking to a Help-Seeking Announcement)?

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Is a non-medical device associated with a drug be recognized as a therapeutic product regardless of whether the ad in question contains information about the drug itself in a direct to consumer standpoint?

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