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Hi Patrick, I have a question related to providing PAAB training. I remember few years ago you came to our company and you provided training. There have been many changes since then and I was wondering if you are still providing similar training. What is the cost associated with this type of activity? 

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Can you please confirm that use of a drug name along with its pharmacologic classification (eg. 'diuretic') is exempt from PAAB review? The therapeutic classification (eg. 'antihypertensive') would not be included, as this alludes to therapeutic use.


Hi Patrick - I've read the 2019 Client Survey report on the PAAB website. Is there a plan to disseminate this more broadly, and what actions is the PAAB taking with regards to any of the specific survey results? Thank you.

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For advertising a Rx or OTC drug to HCPs, could we add more safety information such as contraindication, warnings...beyond what is in the approved TMA? considering that it is for safety reason e.g. contraindicated in asthma patients (but not stated as such in the TMA). This would be based on a published study or guidelines.

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Hi Patrick, I often find it easier to apply PAAB code when I understand the rationale behind it. But I have struggled to understand the blanket application of section 3.1. In many instances, the PAAB requirement that claims remain "within the limitations of the TMA" makes sense - specifically when "beyond the limitations" is also off label. However, I am curious to know why efficacy and safety data from longer-term, follow-up of the pivotal trial population is not allowed - especially when we hear from physicians that this is the information they are most interested in. As long as there is no limitation on length of therapy, why not allow longer-term clinical information to be shared with physicians? What is the rationale for blocking it? 

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Question #497 - Patient video for product use on company website , has Health Canada provided a response? 

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We have an HCP piece approved by PAAB to be used as a print Leave-Behind. We would like to use a part of the content (unchanged) for a digital advertisement. Does is require to be submitted to PAAB as a new file?

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We are in the early stages of planning a website for use by healthcare professionals and patients (gated appropriate for each) to access disease and product information for multiple therapeutic areas. For convenience, we wish to create on the ungated home page a link to a portal (also gated) housing accredited CHE for healthcare professional sponsored by the company, The user would be notified that they were leaving the main site and as mentioned they would have to pass through the gate of the CHE portal. Some of the accredited CHE may contain content not consistent with product TMAs. How do we avoid any linkage issues while offering convenience to healthcare professionals of going to one location?

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Understanding that Help-Seeking messages can not include the sponsor, what if a message was broad enough not to allude to a single product? eg. “Ask your doctor about CV medications from Company-X”.

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Can a patient survey be used to support claims of ease of use? Would it make a difference if the prescription product were administered through a Class-II medical device?

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