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Can a claim of "Proven efficacy" appear over a presentation of clinical data, if that data was the basis for the product indication?

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For APS having only two surfaces (i.e. a double-sided card), can you confirm if market benefit claims can appear on side 1, with the indication appearing on side 2?

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Hi PAAB, If a pharma company who markets a vaccine sponsors a 3rd party vendor for the writing of an independently written article on adult vaccines in which all treatments are discussed and this vendor distributes this article to HCP through their channels is this considered advertising and would the article require PAAB review? The Pharma company would not review the article. If the distribution by the vendor is to consumers does it require pre-clearance by PAAB? Could the sponsorship be identified at the article “This independently written article was sponsored by XYZ Pharma Co”? Given that the topic is vaccination and it is Schedule D, could we link an ASC approved ad with the consumer article as you mention in Question 153? Would this PAAB require pre-clearance? Thank you.

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I would like to send an email to verified healthcare professional, that email would not exceed Price, Name, Quantity, would include no claim and have a deep link to access the product monograph of this schedule A product. Do I need to submit such email to PAAB approval if ... 1- the product monograph is only accessible via this email ? 2- the product monograph is hosted on our corporate website (ungated website) ? 3- the product monograph is hosted on a gated hcp website ?

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No question: Just a thank you for posting these questions and responses. I know it is time consuming, but I have found it to be a great start in my project planning prior to PAAB submission and consultation. Thank you! 


We have a Enrollment Form for a PSP program that has been previously approved by PAAB. We have a PDF writeable format which we would like our PSP Field Case Managers ( Nurses) to send to our HCPs via email. Could you please provide any limitations or requirements to this, if any?

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We have a question regarding controlled distribution/gating of a website containing information intended for HCPs. We understand that options for creating an acceptable barrier include "URL of a website which is not indexed" (as presented during Jennifer Carroll's talk "From Email to Virtual Reality" during PAAB's 2017 National Workshop). However, we are unable to find any further information from PAAB or from Health Canada regarding what "not indexed" means in this context. Can you please elaborate, or point us to guidance documentation outlining what "not indexed" means for a site's URL, in order to create an acceptable barrier for the site?

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Hi there, Can the wording "NOW APPROVED IN CANADA" be PAAB exempt for a 2nd indication? Thanks

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Hi, we have a new product in our pipeline that is currently undergoing an approval process with Health Canada and is targeting a specific biomarker. We would like to do a campaign to HCPs regarding this specific biomarker and to raise the physician's awareness of this biomarker as an emerging target for a particular disease. Is such campaign acceptable, considering that no mechanism of action nor information on the pipeline will be discussed?

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We would like to make non-clinical comparisons between products that are specifically indicated for different subtypes of a disease state (eg. phenotypes of COPD). Would this be acceptable, given the common umbrella disease state?

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