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Launching New Drugs -"A Sense of Urgency"
Strategies for Successful Brand Launches An Expert Seminar

On October 19, 2004, 165 pharmaceutical marketers attended another session of the PMCQ University, for an Education Day on strategies for successfully launching new pharmaceutical products.

The objectives of this year's session were to:

  • Review the necessity of developing new drugs quickly in light of expiring patents and the speed with which generic drug companies bring their versions of the product to market

  • Provide a broader perspective of new launches from the pre-clinical phase through to the NOC approval phase

  • Provide concrete tools that could immediately be used to produce tangible results

Curriculum Outline:

Six expert speakers made up the Faculty, each giving a presentation on the various phases of new drug development.

Robert Ness

Chairman, Education Commitee

Robert Ness is President of Data Ad, a firm specia-lized in Direct Marketing and Patient Programs. He has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 15 years, and is a Past President of the PMCQ. Robert continues to serve on the PMCQ Board on various committees and more recently has chaired the Education Committee last two initatives – namely PMCQ University.

Launching New Drugs -"A Sense of Urgency"
PowerPoint Presentation (0.23 MB)

Our Experienced Faculty :

Patrick McLean

Past President PMCQ
Honorary Lifetime Member of PMCQ

For the last 20 years, Patrick McLean has been involved with the Canadian pharmaceutical industry including working for Ralston Purina’s Animal Health Division as Vice President and General Ma-nager. He spent 12 years in pharmaceutical adver-tising, a year at Carter Horner and the last five years at Axcan Pharma where he retired as Senior Vice President of their European Commercial Opera-tions.

Stepwise Process to Launching
PowerPoint Presentation (1.05 MB)

Mark McElwain

Partner and Vice-President - Allard-Johnson Communications Inc.

Since 1998, Mark McElwain has led the wellness group at Allard-Johnson Communications. He is active in DTC and advocacy initiatives, and provides consulting services on regulations facing health-care advertisers. Previously, Mark was Commis-sioner (CEO) of PAAB, and during his term worked actively with industry, government and other stake-holders towards a loosening of DTC ad restrictions.

Working Effectively with your Agency
PowerPoint Presentation (0.37 MB)

Micheline Ho

Manager, Product Information Division

Therapeutic Products Directorate, Health Canada Micheline Ho has been with the Department of Health since the 1970s. Her responsibilities have included the pre-and post-market evaluation of prescription and non-prescription drugs, as well as the establishment of national policies and stan-dards in consumer labelling, advertising and drug information. Micheline is currently the chair of the Steering Committee for the Product Monograph Project for the Therapeutic Products Directorate.

The Approval Process — Therapeutic Products Directorate
PowerPoint Presentation (0.34 MB)

Rose Schuett

Director, Marketing –Launch Management - IMS Health Canada

At IMS Health Canada, Rose Schuett is responsible for the Launch Management Business Line. Rose has a particular interest in Strategic Marketing, and New Product Lifecycle Planning and Launch Mana-gement. Prior to joining IMS Health, Rose held positions with Eli Lilly, Merck Frosst and Aventis Pasteur where she gained extensive experience in bio- pharmaceutical sales and marketing, including New Product Management.

Maximizing New Product Launch Effectiveness
PDF (1.11 MB)

Ray Chepesiuk

PAAB Commissioner

After 18 years at the Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB), Ray is an expert in the ethics and regulation of the marketing of prescription drug products to health professionals and consumers (DTCARx). He is the Commissioner and Chief Exe-cutive Officer of PAAB and is responsible for opera-tions and the administration of the preclearance review mechanism.

Using PAAB Early
PowerPoint Presentation (0.17 MB)

Joan McCormick

Senior Analyst, Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Brogan Inc.

Throughout her 12 years at Brogan Inc., Joan McCormick has gained extensive experience in the operation of the Canadian pharmaceutical market, in particular the operation of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board. Founded in 1989, Brogan Inc. now maintains the largest drug claims database in Canada and is a market leader, providing services to governments, insurers and pharmaceutical mar-keters.

Pricing and PMPRB
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