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Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Marketing
Gaining Advantage in a World of Change

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Robert Ness


Chairman, Education Commitee


Robert Ness is President of Data Ad, a firm specia-lized in Direct Marketing and Patient Programs. He has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 15 years, and is a Past President of the PMCQ. Robert continues to serve on the PMCQ Board on various committees and more recently has chaired the Education Committee last three initatives – namely PMCQ University.

Our Experienced Faculty:

David Jones

IMS Management Consulting, Canada


David has collaborated on numerous promotion-based forecasts for products in pre-launch through declining life cycles. The focus has been to determine the impact of promotions on product and market forecasts. David holds a Ph.D. in Applied Economics, and an M.A. and B.A. in Economics from Michigan State University.

Don Sancton

Hill & Knowlton


Don is Senior Vice President and National Practice Leader of Hill & Knowlton's Health and Pharmaceutical Practice division. Spending extensive time at Pfizer in their corporate affairs department, Don has practical experience with media and public relations as it relates to corporate communications.

Managing Brand Issues in a Global Communications Environment
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Alain Serhan

IMS Management Consulting, Canada


Alain joined IMS in 2004 to lead IMS' Consulting and Services group in Canada. Prior to joining IMS, Alain was involved with the launch and development of technology tools to the life sciences industry. With an international background, Alain holds a B. Eng. from Ecole polytechnique de Montreal, and an MBA from INSEAD, in Fontainebleau, France.

Ali Suleiman

Brogan Inc.


Ali, Director, Research and Pharmacy Analysis at Brogan Inc., has extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the Canadian pharmaceutical industry. With almost a decade of experience at Brogan Inc., Ali has acquired in-depth knowledge of all aspects of pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement issues with a focus on economic requirements for provincial and federal formulary listing, pricing and reimbursement strategies, health economic analysis, and policy analysis. Ali has a B. Sc. and an M.A. (Economics).

National Pharmaceuticals Strategy and National Pharmacare Program
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Pricing Strategy Workshop
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Barbara Van Dusen

Brogan Inc.


Since joining Brogan Inc. in 2002, Barbara Van Dusen has worked on projects dealing with the impact of government and private drug plan policies on the pharmaceutical industry. Other projects include the analysis of private drug plan cost drivers, the impact of generic entry on brand product sales and cost minimisation analyses. In the last year, she has concentrated on drug price issues and developed the Brogan Inc. “Price Increase Advisor”, a product used to track drug prices and notify clients of possible price changes.

Prior to joining Brogan Inc., she completed her Master's of Science in Business Administration, specializing in applied economics.

Anne Tomalin

CanReg Inc.


Anne, President of CanReg Inc., has practiced exclusively in the area of regulatory affairs in Canada since 1971. Anne has participated in the Regulatory Initiatives Advisory Committee for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Association of Canada and Development Agency and has also chaired the Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario Committees for this Association. In addition to authoring numerous regulatory publications, Anne founded CanReg Inc., a regulatory affairs consulting company, in September, 1996 and she is a graduate of York University and holdsa B.A. degree in English and a B. Sc. degree in chemistry.


Risk/Benefit Implications for Pharmaceutical Marketing
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Learning Objectives:

  • Examining best practices for investing in promotional activities in the new age of pharmaceutical marketing

  • Assessing the regulatory and pricing environment with emphasis on the balance of patient safety issues with cost containment by governments
  • Critically analyzing and responding to the global communications environment with the pharmaceutical industry occupying headline news

Course Outline:
Plenary Session Line-Up

Regulatory Environment & Patient Safety…Anne Tomalin
With a number of calls to strengthen regulatory safeguards and to control escalating healthcare costs, learn about the environment as it relates to recent regulatory decisions in various national and international arenas. Will concerns about the use of various products in specific patient populations lengthen the approval time of new products? What future actions should be implemented for adjustments with potential at-risk products already in market?

National Pharmaceutical Strategy…Ali Suleiman
Recently, the call for a National Pharmacare Program has emerged in the current debate over escalating drug costs. This presentation will examine the proposed elements of the national pharmaceutical strategy and will explore: Will the National Pharmacare Program resolve the major areas of concern? What are the challenges? How will it impact the pharmaceutical industry, the public and private drug plans? How will it affect the average Canadian?

Managing Brand Issues in a Global Communications Environment… Don Sancton
In a global communications environment with 24-hour news cycle, and with pharmaceutical issues becoming more and more important to media, there is no hiding from issues that arise anywhere in the world. What are the implications of this for local brand management? How can you be best prepared for dealing with media? This presentation will examine the issues and propose some solutions beyond prayer…

Trends in the Integration of Sales & Marketing Efforts…Alain Serhan
Given new market dynamics, evidence shows that well-designed models of quality and frequency of interaction with your target audience will transform an average sales person into a top performer. With rich insight into what drives physician behaviour, the question changes from "Which doctors should we call on, and how often?" to "What objectives and approach should we undertake, segment by segment?" This session will demonstrate the benefits of implementing this new thinking into your sales and marketing organization.

Workshop Line-Up

Creating the Optimal Promotion Strategy to Improve Brand Performance
Through a simulation-type presentation and concrete examples, learn how much of an impact a different promotion allocation can have on revenue. Discover best practices and benchmarks of allocating promotion spending on a portfolio of brands, considering customer responsiveness, product analogues, stage in the life cycle, recent and forecasted events.



Alain Serhan, IMS Management Consulting, Canada
David Jones, IMS Management Consulting, Canada


Pricing Strategy
This workshop will provide a hands-on understanding of the current pricing environment in Canada and will help to provide insight into the future of price increases in the prescription drug market. In 2003, with pricing policy maintaining a uniformity across Canada with no inflation in the pharmaceutical market, a number of manufacturers announced their intention to increase drug prices. In part, this was motivated due to the growing popularity of cross-border shopping and Internet sales. Participate in this workshop to learn about whether all products increased their price. How was this received by respective provinces? What does the future hold for price increases?



Ali Suleiman, Brogan Inc.
Barbara Van Dusen, Brogan Inc.



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