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May 16, 2017


Shannon Quinn kicked off the last event of this 2016-2017 season with a full house and a topic that left nobody untouched. We had the honour of welcoming former National Hockey League (NHL) player Steven Finn as the guest speaker of a motivational conference entitled “Master of Your Thoughts, Master of Your Life”.

Steven Finn played twelve seasons in the National Hockey League with the Quebec Nordiques, Tampa Bay Lightning and Los Angeles Kings. Steven asked ‘Do we know to what extent our attitude can influence our success and our happiness?’ This has been a subject under discussion for years, and the evidence shows that our attitude can impact our lives in a positive way. However, it can also bring us emotional distress both in our professional and personal lives. Steven has experienced both sides of the fence during his National Hockey League career and has decided to talk openly about the well known phenomenon that self-confidence and positive attitude can affect our lives even more than our talent can. In that optic, Steven started his presentation by saying that he would share numerous insights and tips on how imperative it is that we all learn to master that little voice inside of us which makes us hesitate and doubt ourselves, in order to succeed in our personal life as well as our professional one.

One of Steven’s first statements was; ‘’having talent is important, however, if it’s not shared with the team, it’s not worth much ‘’. ‘’Success resonates with a deep desire to be the best every day’’. One of our biggest fears is rejection, everyone needs to be accepted; make sure you make that effort to welcome your new colleague/team mate and help them fit with the team. One candle can ignite 100 candles, you be that candle for someone, everyone has that power inside themselves.

Steven asked the audience; why is it that for some people everything comes easy and for others everything seems so difficult? Part of the answer relies on our negative mismanagement thoughts and also on three key contributing factors: Performance, Potential and Interference.

Performance = Potential minus Interference

Inspired Performance = heart, head and ‘’belly’’ all aligned – Happiness/ Success

  • Only 15% of our potential and up to 85% of the interferences will affect our performance

Potential = our attitude/IQ
Interference = that little voice in our heads (doubts, fear of failure, false assumptions)

Interference is comprised of 2 major barriers: Ego and Time

Ego is the mask behind which we hide, it’s not our true self; consider it as an impostor that lives in fear and is always looking for approval. Our average thoughts in a day amount to 60,000 and we tend to replay 95% of them over and over in our head day after day. Depending on the positive or negative aspects of our beliefs, these thoughts will strongly affect our performance. With the intention to try to get back our lives and be happier, we need to take a good look at ourselves and examine our conscience and accept responsibilities, only then can we reclaim the power of positive thinking in order to get back on the right path that will enable us to align our behaviour with our objectives.

Enjoy life to the fullest, do not reminisce about the past or try to foresee the future, that’s something Steven insisted on if we wish to silence our mind of the negative thoughts that we cultivate every day. ‘’Now is the arena where your life is played, live it at the fullest’’. We all know most of these things, however, putting them into practice is not easy and takes time. Steven suggested three questions to ask ourselves when we reminisce about the past and stress about the future.

  1. When is the best time to do something? We can’t act in the past, and the future is only the present to put in order.
  2. Who are the most important people: the answer should always be the people that surround you at this particular moment, give 100% of yourself at each moment.
  3. What’s the best thing to do at this moment? To do well, to treat people with respect.

Steven’s modus of operation to reignite the flame inside of us, to reclaim our passion and our vital energy is to apply this method:

  • Being engaged
  • Doing what you need to
  • Having what you want to achieve

In our lives we attract the things or experiences upon which most of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are focused - that’s why concentrating on the positive aspects is so crucial to our well-being and to our inspired performance. Another key component to attain a positive mind set is to identify objectives with five essential conditions in mind:

  1. Write them down , be specific on what you want to achieve
  2. Imagine them vividly
  3. Desire them deeply
  4. Commit
  5. Let Go ( do not get overly focused on the how, when and where )

Steven ended his presentation by saying that it took him almost 50 years of his life to attain that positive mindset, to be able to silence his brain to the numerous interferences that had invaded his life. He concluded on a powerful message ‘’ Time Flies” Think about yourself as the pilot, life is a journey, it’s meant to be engaged; Choose to maintain a positive attitude, be loving, grateful and surround yourself with positive people and energy.


Jo-Ann Charland
Training Consultant and Medical Writer
Cell: 438-998-0498


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