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Thomas Witschi
Vice President and Associate Publisher,
International Magazine Publishing

On May 16, 2000 Reader’s Digest’s Vice President, Associate International Publisher, Thomas Witschi offered an answer to the question: « What role will media play in the rapidly changing world of consumer health care communications. » In his presentation he offered an over-view of current DTC status around the globe. The presentation discussed how health care has changed and continues to change, creating an enormous need for information. It discussed how the media business has not discovered a method to effectively communicate information into the void for information. And it defined who the customers are (the Big Four segments that follow « The Cycle »)that require this information. Finally, based on his experience with Reader’s Digest around the globe, Tom Witschi offered unique solutions to these issues. He stressed that « The idea is integration. Whichever media you choose, you need to look for deep penetration and media integration so that you can be sure you’re reaching your consumer at a specific stage in the cycle, within his or her appropriate segment. And you need to do it with the most appropriate information, in the most efficient way. Make your dollars work hard for you. The idea is to bring together published information, health products, and community to support the cycle - to plan, act, follow-up. And then to deliver that information via several different channels: magazines, direct mail, television, pharmacy, the Internet, and the doctor’s office. »


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Green Shoots of Opportunity:
How to Find and Harvest Green Shoots in Pharma

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