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The 21st Century Court Jester

At the last PMCQ meeting a couple of hundred people got Lipkinized. Here’s hoping it tides us over until next season. We all need a boost. Perhaps the effects will show early—in the scores from the golf tournament. Or maybe they will reveal themselves at your next marketing meeting. Here’s what to look for: clarity, action, decisiveness, courage, connectivity, outspokenness, generosity, brilliance and discipline.

Mike Lipkin calls himself a 21st Century court jester. Was he brought in to cheer everyone up? Brilliant! Because that’s what Mike did—he cheered everyone up. And then gave us a good talking to.

After joking that pharma is the new tobacco industry, Mike advised, “you are the company.” In other words, you are the company. You Inc. You must become the brand that others want to be around. It must be a pleasure working with you.

They must salivate when they think of your face. (Would that be a good thing?)

The president of Environics and author of numerous books, Mike Lipkin often shares the stage with the likes of Bill Clinton and Dr. Phil, motivating millions of people around the world with his fast-paced, entertaining and enlightening dissertations on how we can—must!—be happier, healthier and more successful. Mike’s high energy is infectious and his truisms, which he calls “Lipkinisms,” have never been truer: You are only as good as your last conversation. Embrace instead of accept. Be realistic by becoming idealistic. The future is now. There were more but he talks faster than I can write.

Lipkin showed why he is one of the world’s leading motivators. He practices what he preaches. He kept it simple when he advised we have to keep it simple. But he also warned that “Nothing is more complex than keeping it simple.” However, he was able to simplify his new book, “Keeper of the Flame,” down to 10 bullet points in a pocketsize booklet for everyone to take home (along with a free copy of the 230-page version).

As far as being motivated? Mike Lipkin’s self-promotional style is all the inspiration you need and he sums it up best in my favourite Lipkinism: “Life is a pitch and then you die.”

Have a great rest of the summer.

By Rich Hammond


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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