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October 19, 2010
Planting Seeds Online

When Mark Goren, the brain behind Transmission Marketing, says that the thing he loves the most (apart from his family, of course) is Social Media, he’s being totally genuine. He’s passionate about people harnessing the power that comes with understanding new media.

A sure sign that our sector is ready to play catch-up with exciting, vibrant and increasingly essential forms of communication and connectivity was the fact that his October 19th breakfast talk was packed.

It really is a catch-up game for much of Pharma, perhaps because there’s been a wariness about media where we can’t and –perhaps more importantly – ought not to exercise control.

As Mark pointed out Social Media are all about listening, responding and initiating Mark quoted Hardeep Gosal, of Afexa Life Sciences “the conversation is already happening with your product, so why not get involved?”.

Mark underscored the fact that listening to what’s taking place in social media allows you to:

  • Collect intelligence
  • Guide online marketing strategy
  • Adjust/validate traditional marketing
  • Establish conversation baseline
  • Roll out new initiatives
  • Measure effectiveness

His firm helps companies map strategies that work for their particular situation. He presented two fascinating studies of what companies in the Canadian health sciences and pharmaceutical sectors can learn by adapting to this ever-shifting reality. No need to dive in headlong, you can take baby steps, get comfortable and then find your way.

For more on Mark’s presentation we have posted slides for you to browse.

Presentation (PDF 1.54 MB)

Alan Conter


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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