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Afin de soutenir la demande croissante, nous avons modifé la section Demandez au CCPP et l'avons rendu plus facile d'utilisation. Vous pouvez désormais sélectioner la catégorie qui vous interesse dans le menu déroulant et voir les questions qui ont déjà été posées et répondues. Vous pouvez également faire une recherche parmis les questions déjà soumises au CCPP depuis les débuts.

Questions et réponses les plus récentes

Can a company website that contains Health Canada approved product monographs also contain brand logos and product photos? The website is not gated and publicly available.

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What type of gating is required for a HCP website for a schedule 1 product (narcotic)? is de-indexing considered a form of gating? What type of information can be available pre-gate? can information around a patient support program be made available pre-gate for a schedule 1 (narcotic) product?


We want to develop an unbranded, ungated website that we plan to send to ASC. The content is about adherence and as such is appropriate for all audiences. Can we develop unbranded promotional tools, like banner ads on NEJM, that direct HCPs to this site?

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In the PAAB Fair Balance guidance, for lowest level FB, it states "messages which do not relate to the healthcare product (e.g. disease information)". Question is: If the message does not relate to the product and only disease info, why would we require any FB at all? it is not advertising. Or could you provide an example for this scenario?

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My question is specifically regarding a sales rep emailing a (known, consented) HCP one on one with: A) A one line message that a product has now received Health Canada approval with approved indication. No claims, data etc B) A request to HCP to discuss Patient Support Program which may include info on the PAAB approved patient enrolment form Is this communication different if a Medical Affairs staff member sends the email? thanks very much.

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If I am developing a patient brochure for a medication, I know I am restricted to Part 3 of the PM. However, structurally, am I able to flow content in a way that is more digestible and clear to the patient - or am I subject to the structure Part 3 lays out? I find the content jumps all around and is very challenging to follow, and I am looking to restructure so that the flow is more friendly from a patient information consumption perspective. Everything will be referenced to Part 3 as required. Is this ok?

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I’ve reviewed your forum and website but my colleagues and I still have varying views. If a product receives Health Canada NOC, may an employee in a sales role email an HCP with this information with no efficacy claims? Would an employee in a medical affairs position be able to send same email? Is there a difference in who may send communication? Thank you.

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We are looking to develop a corporate email that would be sent by the reps to outline the opportunity to communicate virtually with them. The layout would be corporate branded with no mention of any brands. The content simply outlines the benefits of a virtual call and how to connect/steps to make a video call. Would this type of information be exempt from PAAB review?

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My question is in regards to PIS (Product Information Session) invite templates, Is there any restriction in our reps sending via email an invite to an HCP which has free text specifically to include the date, time, location and speaker. Thanks so much.

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Hi PAAB, I was reviewing my brands promotional pieces that will need to either be updated or be sent for rePAAB over the next few months. Since some of the pieces were approved, we have had a product monograph update. However, for certain pieces it does not change the Terms of Market Authorization and in some cases the copy in the piece wouldn't need to be changed. The only part of the piece which would need to be changed is the date of the Product Monograph (e.g. brochure) within the references. Since we have significant print inventory, is it permissible to have these submitted as a rePAAB to be valid for the next year until the next update or rePAAB without updating the date of the product monograph within the piece? Please advise. Many thanks.

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