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Afin de soutenir la demande croissante, nous avons modifé la section Demandez au CCPP et l'avons rendu plus facile d'utilisation. Vous pouvez désormais sélectioner la catégorie qui vous interesse dans le menu déroulant et voir les questions qui ont déjà été posées et répondues. Vous pouvez également faire une recherche parmis les questions déjà soumises au CCPP depuis les débuts.

Questions et réponses les plus récentes

We're developing a pull-up banner and the amount of Fair Balance is not allowing for space for the message. Could we apply the principles allowed for journal ads? Specifically, have medium fair balance on the pull-up banner and direct the reader to a handout adjacent to the panel with the full fair balance?

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Hello, If we want to do a video about the Mode of action of a drug, apart from the PM, what other references can we use?

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In a company sponsored presentation, can a physician talk about off-label for another drug (not the sponsors drug) e.g. "In my practice I use Drug X to treat nausea", but Drug X is not indicated for nausea.

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Is it voluntary to get promotional materials approved and simply acts as a benefit to the product or is it this process mandatory?


Is this "Ask PAAB" still active? We have submitted queries 4-weeks ago and did not see any responses? Could you please provide an update?


Is the PAAB logo required to appear on HCP advertising or patient information approved by PAAB.

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Hi Patrick, I have a question related to providing PAAB training. I remember few years ago you came to our company and you provided training. There have been many changes since then and I was wondering if you are still providing similar training. What is the cost associated with this type of activity? 

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Can you please confirm that use of a drug name along with its pharmacologic classification (eg. 'diuretic') is exempt from PAAB review? The therapeutic classification (eg. 'antihypertensive') would not be included, as this alludes to therapeutic use.


Hi Patrick - I've read the 2019 Client Survey report on the PAAB website. Is there a plan to disseminate this more broadly, and what actions is the PAAB taking with regards to any of the specific survey results? Thank you.

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For advertising a Rx or OTC drug to HCPs, could we add more safety information such as contraindication, warnings...beyond what is in the approved TMA? considering that it is for safety reason e.g. contraindicated in asthma patients (but not stated as such in the TMA). This would be based on a published study or guidelines.

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