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Afin de soutenir la demande croissante, nous avons modifé la section Demandez au CCPP et l'avons rendu plus facile d'utilisation. Vous pouvez désormais sélectioner la catégorie qui vous interesse dans le menu déroulant et voir les questions qui ont déjà été posées et répondues. Vous pouvez également faire une recherche parmis les questions déjà soumises au CCPP depuis les débuts.

Questions et réponses les plus récentes

Is it a requirement to include the wording 'For illustrative purposes only' when using videos that depict mode of action, simulate clinical scenarios or pathophysiological pathways?

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Is it possible to provide give-aways to patients already enrolled in patient support programs? The intention is for the item to be inexpensive and provided by the HCP. Thank you.


If an APS only includes a claim of "New Drug X" or "Introducing Drug X", is this considered exempt from PAAB review? In this instance, only the name, price and DIN of the drug would be included.


Can you describe the patient condition, consistent with the indication in your promotional material? As an example, the patient has suffered in silence many years before seeing the doctor, tried other treatments and is now seeking help. This example would be supported by authoritative sources. If not an option in promotional APS would it be possible in unbranded APS. Thank you.

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Dear PAAB. Can sales reps distribute disease information directly to patients?

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Dear Patrick, I have a question regarding references that can be used in unbranded pieces in the category of cold and flu. As you know, the active ingredients in many cough, cold & flu products have long since become generic and in fact are used across a number of different products... I was wondering if experimental studies (e.g., in vitro/cell culture/ELISA), which do not use any brand specific sources of the molecule (i.e., generic), could be used in unbranded pieces to educate HCPs on the properties of the molecule (with any necessary caveats that clinical significance cannot be determined)? Thanks!

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Can an ASC approved piece be used by pharma with an HCP if it is not PAAB approved? Can it be used in the HCP office via TV screen?


Can branded patient brochures have the same visuals as branded physician brochures?


Can a Patient Support Program be promoted to consumers? If so, would it be possible to mention features of the support program and link them to the company and the condition(s), with no mention of the products supported by the program?

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Dear PAAB. Is it acceptable in branded APS to illustrate the patient journey using data from authoritative sources? For example, the patient has suffered for years and has tried a number of treatments before seeking medical advice. Thank you.

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