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Afin de soutenir la demande croissante, nous avons modifé la section Demandez au CCPP et l'avons rendu plus facile d'utilisation. Vous pouvez désormais sélectioner la catégorie qui vous interesse dans le menu déroulant et voir les questions qui ont déjà été posées et répondues. Vous pouvez également faire une recherche parmis les questions déjà soumises au CCPP depuis les débuts.

Questions et réponses les plus récentes

I am wondering how or if section 103.2 of the Natural Health Product Regulations factors in to the review of NHPs as it appears to exempt some NHPs from part of section 3(1) of the Food and Drug Act.

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If exacerbation rates are provided in a publication with other details with which NNTs can be calculated, would PAAB allow us to promote the NNTs?

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The PAAB does not allow the use of post-hoc study analyses to support claims. Are there any exceptions to this? For example if the post-hoc analysis was done for safety reasons at the request of the FDA, would that publication be permitted to support claims?

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Hi! Do corporate branded educational tools (no claims or messaging) need to be reviewed at paab? For example : knee bone joints? Or skeleton etc Thanks!!

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Dear PAAB - would a branded APS comprised of only a provincial listing (with clinical criteria/notes), require high-level balance or low-level balance? Note this assumes that all listing criteria is on-label.

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Dear PAAB Can the branding of disease specific information for medical professionals resemble the branding of a product not yet launched? (i.e. Does PAAB place any restrictions on the branding of disease specific information and product APS?)

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We were granted a new indication based on a pivotal study. However, some datapoints in the published study, in a peer-review journal, are not found in the TMA. We would like to know if it is "off label" for our reps to speak to those data points since it is extra data points in our studied population for which we have an indication? Can they use the reprint and speak to those results?

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Is Pharma allowed to sponsor an independently-developed, physician-managed, online discussion forum? Pharma would have no involvement other than to provide funding for its development. What if the discussion forum is managed by Pharma's communication agency?

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The ASC's bulletin in April 2015 indicates that the statement "Product X is authorized for sale by Health Canada" is consistent with the Food and Drug Regulations and acceptable for use. Previous Ask PAAB questions 108 and 347 also address this issue and section C.01.007. We note that Health Canada's Consumer Advertising Guidelines for Marketed Health Products has precluded the use of statements that suggest authorization by Health Canada, and has not been updated since the ASC's bulletin. Can you please provide PAAB's position on the use of the statement above and also whether the use of "approved by Health Canada" or similar statements is acceptable?

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Can you advise on PAAB's role/interpretation of 'drug delivery system' advertising? Examples wold be prescription drug inhalers, injectors, etc. Would advertisements focused solely on the delivery system/technology be exempt from PAAB (perhaps as a medical device), or seen as an extension of drug advertising (and reviewed in the same manner)?

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